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Winter Enclosures

Winter Enclosures

Winter enclosures help keep work areas shielded from snow,  rain, and wind that can hinder workers' ability to continue the construction.

When colder weather begins arriving, scaffold enclosure systems become the focus as keeping work areas shielded from snow and low temperatures become a priority. Some exterior scaffolding jobs require that the work being done is completed at particular temperatures that the cold of winter can drop below. What is the solution to get through the issue of cold and adverse winter weather? The answer is tarp or scaffold sheeting systems.

United Scaffold is a proud distributor of Monarflex Flamesafe sheeting and accessories to help with the site covering, containment and weather protection. Tarps help protect not only the job site from potential weather delays but also the surrounding area and public from any debris. These tarps are extremely durable, easy to install and reusable, meaning you could bring them from job to job. We also use these systems on our winter erection jobs, when contractors need to put heat to the work they’re doing, keep their employees warm or just to protect against wind and snow.

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