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Protection Canopies

Protection Canopies

Providing maximum protection to pedestrians!

Protection canopies are built over sidewalks and around the exterior of construction sites to protect pedestrians from falling debris.

United Scaffolding offers custom sidewalk sheds that allow maximum pedestrian safety throughout your construction project. Our premium quality canopies can be seen all over the location, which proves their durability and our reliability.

Nowadays, finding the right protection canopies and scaffolding rental service can be taxing. There are several steps involved that a novice can’t handle without professional help. Fortunately, United Scaffolding has got your back! We will help you with inspection, permissions, handling, delivery, erection, removal, and other aspects, giving you peace of mind.

Let’s face it, many property owners, tenants, and pedestrians consider sidewalks as an eyesore due to their bland appearance. The good news is that there is no such thing as a dull protection canopy at United Scaffolding. Aesthetics are our second priority after durability, which is why we are the top source of sidewalk sheds that don’t just withstand harsh conditions but also please the eye.

Put your doubts aside. Choose us.

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