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Debris Chute

Debris Chute

Dispose of your construction debris with cost-effective, reliable debris chute. Debris chutes streamline your clean-up process.

If you are performing a rooftop teardown or an interior demo, debris chutes are the best solution. This way of disposing of debris increases efficiency and productivity by saving time and reducing hazards. A straight line of chutes is installed from the point of exit to the dumpster below giving you the ease of access. Having debris chutes is the neatest debris removal process which helps you keep the job site clean and presentable at all times.

USI provides full-service installation, rental, and sales of Heavy Duty High-Density Polyethylene Debris Chutes. These debris chutes offer a safe alternative to other debris disposal methods.  We customize our chutes to meet your needs anywhere from two-story to twenty story high projects.  Please call us or email us for a free estimate for your next project.  All of our installers are certified, scaffolding technicians.

Our Debris chutes are designed to meet lightweight, heavy-duty, economical construction debris removal needs.  This is the system of choice for general contractors, roofers and construction companies.  These chutes are manufactured using blow molding technology making them more resilient, unlike the others in the market.

In addition to straight sections and intakes:

  • Each section is approximately 4’ tall with 3’ 1” of useable chute length

  • Sections weigh 37 lbs (chains included)

  • Heat-Treated, Proof Tested Galvanized Chains

  • Top opening of 32” tapers to 27”

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